Four ways to learn a language through books

We are discussing. What methods did you use? Which ones do you think are the most successful?

1. Read a paragraph in English, th

en in Russian. Trying to understand the meaning while reading the English version, not looking into the dictionary, checking yourself with the Russian text. This method is considered to be quite effective.

2. Read a book in English and translate all incomprehensible words using a dictionary. Time consuming and not the most popular method, however, according to those who used it, it brings good results. Over time, you learn more and more words, and the need to look into a dictionary almost disappears.

3. Read a book in Russian, and then the same book in English. You will catch the meaning due to the fact that the text is already familiar to you.

4. Re-read a previously unfamiliar book in English many times. Do not use a dictionary and Russian translation. This method is called intuitive. Again, according to those who used this method, it brings results, but there is no serious evidence.

Four ways to learn a language through books